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Main activity of our company since its establishment in 1982 is repairing all types and brands of diesel, electric and gas forklift machines.

Today, having twenty-five years experience in the forklift field with modern facilities with technical support and authorization of "Construction and repair of lifting and handling equipment", with quality management system ISO9001: 2000 for "Forklift Sales, Repairs, Leasing Services, Forklift Parts Trade, "equipped with safety management system and health personnel OHSAS18001: 1999/ELOT1801 we are able to cope and to support any repair of forklift machines




IMG 2515 IMG 2516 IMG 2517Mobile forklift service

For immediate and rapid troubleshooting at the customer premises, the company has modern mobile forklift services, fully formed & equipped to offer solutions to any need arises

Means Of Transport

Our company disposes five (5) lorries for the transportation of the forklift machines equipped with hydraulic doors and mechanisms ("workers", "parrots") for easy and rapid ascent even when the machines are immobilized due to faults.

Technical infrastructure of our company

On our owned modern facilities in Mandra included the following sections:

  • Washing Machine
  • Service Department
  • Department of hydraulic repairs
  • Department of Control Systems Repair (brakes, steering system, etc.)
  • Department of Heavy Repair (engines, differentials, gearbox)
  • Workshop (Lathe, Drill, etc)
  • electric service (Starter, alternator, etc.)
  • Electronic Laboratory
  • Spare Parts department and storage equipment (1st floor).

The branch of Eleusis also dispose paint and repair facilities that include the following sections:

  • Washing Machine
  • Paint Shop
  • Repair Department
  • Warehouse of spares parts of used machines


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Our Company undertakes the technical support of forklifts throughout Greece. There is a technical support network in the main cities of Greece, such as Thessaloniki, Larisa, Ioannina, Crete, Patras, Agrinio, etc.


"ANDREAS FILIS SA" company with its quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 continuously educate and inform the technical staff of the latest technological market requirements and all safety and health issues with the system ELOT1801: 2008.


The technical department of our company is recognized in the Greek market for highly skilled technicians. This is achieved through continuous training of technicians of both the new series of machines, and the existing rules and procedures of the company's policy as regards the level of safety rules.
The «HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES» is famous for its quality and services worldwide. This has put a high and standard on each dealer to have highly qualified and fully updated technical support. Skilled technicians of HYUNDAI regularly visit our facilities for special training seminars and our technicians also visited the facilities of HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES in Korea but also in Belgium.

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27th klm. Old National Road Athens-Thiva
19600 Mandra, Attiki

5th klm. Old National Road Larisa-Volos
41500 Larisa

T: +30 210 55.55.884

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