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Hyundai | Hyundai Construction Equipment to develop “Hydrogen Fuel Powered” Machines with Hyundai Motors

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hydrogen fuel cells technology

Hydrogen Fuel Excavator development to start in 2020 with a target date for mass-distribution set in 2023
Hydrogen fuel cells are more compatible with large construction equipment because of easier capacity expansion than lithium batteries
The agreement is expected to give Hyundai Construction Equipment a chance to lead the future hydrogen-powered equipment market and to secure a better position in establishing a global standard

According to the MOU, Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Mobis will design and manufacture hydrogen fuel cell systems, including power packs, while Hyundai Construction Equipment will design, manufacture, and evaluate the performance of excavators and forklifts. The target date for mass production and distribution has been set to 2023.

Unlike conventional diesel engine-based equipment, hydrogen-based electric construction equipment uses electricity produced through the chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen as its power source, meaning no emissions of toxic gases into the air. Given the rapidly rising demand for eco-friendly equipment around the world in recent years, hydrogen-based construction equipment is expected to help Hyundai Construction Equipment compete in the global construction market moving forward.

Furthermore, compared to lithium batteries, which have been marred by structural issues limiting various attempts to increase battery capacity, hydrogen fuel cells are much easier to expand, making them a much more logical choice for large forklifts or excavators.

200218 Hydrogen Fuel Excavators

The partnership between Hyundai Construction Equipment, which has more than 540 dealers across more than 140 countries around the world, and Hyundai Motors, which has some of the best hydrogen fuel cell technology in the world, is expected to give the construction equipment industry a boost in terms of creating a hydrogen-based ecosystem, which is something all industry stakeholders are anticipating eagerly.

Hwang Jong-hyun, Head of the R&D Division for Hyundai Material Handling at Hyundai Construction Equipment, said,

“With this latest agreement, we’ve prepared a foundation upon which we can secure core technology in hydrogen-powered construction equipment ahead of our competitors.
Hyundai Construction Equipment will do its very best to meet the challenges that lie ahead as countries around the world attempt to establish global standards in terms of certifying the performance of equipment and legislating relevant laws for the commercialization of hydrogen-powered construction equipment, and play a leading role in the market moving forward.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Construction Equipment has continued to focus on developing eco-friendly construction equipment and machinery in recent years. It mass-produced the first reel-type electric excavator (wired-type equipment used with its power cable plugged in) in 2010, and in 2018, developed a small electric excavator equipped with a large capacity battery for the first time in Korea.

Link: Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Material Handling

Hyundai | Η ηλεκτροκίνηση ξεκινάει με Hyundai! 45B-9 Hλεκτρικό περονοφόρο αντιβάρου

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Hyundai 45B-9 Electric Forklift Truck

Αξιοπιστία, ασφάλεια και μέγιστη παραγωγικότητα είναι το τρίπτυχο επιτυχίας του νέου ηλεκτρικού περονοφόρου αντιβάρου της Hyundai 45Β-9 μέγιστης ανυψωτικής ικανότητας 4.5 τόνων.

FillisLift | 2019 Certifications Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015 in Sales, Repair & Rentals of Material Handling & Lifting Equipment, Spare Parts Sales of Material Handling & Lifting Equipment

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  QMS LOGO 9001 

Fillislift - Andreas Fillis SA has established a quality management system that is in conformance with the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2015 for the years 2019 - 2022 by the international certification QMSCERT in the areas of Sales, Repair & Rentals of Material Handling & Lifting Equipment, Spare Parts Sales of Material Handling & Lifting Equipment.

Hyundai | Παράδοση Νέου Ανυψωτικού Περονοφόρου 50DA-9F

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Πετρελαιοκίνητο Περονοφόρο Ανυψωτικό Hyundai 50DA-9F

Πετρελαιοκίνητο Περονοφόρο Ανυψωτικό Hyundai 50DA-9F

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας το νέο πετρελαιοκίνητο περονοφόρο αντιβάρου Hyundai 50DA-9F παραδόθηκε στις εγκαταστάσεις του πελάτη μας.


IMG 4201 IMG 4200


Μερικα από τα χαρακτηριστικά του εντυπωσιακού 5τν. Hyundai ανυψωτικού περιλαμβάνουν:

  • Κλειστή καμπίνα χειριστή με εργοστασιακό air condition ψύξης-θέρμανσης
  • Διπλά ελαστικά συμπαγή εμπρός
  • Αυτόματο κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων με κουμπί κατεύθυνσης στον μοχλό ανύψωσης
  • Ρυθμιζόμενο κάθισμα Grammer για απορρόφηση των κραδασμών
  • Αυτόματη ευθυγράμμιση κλίσης των περόνων
  • Φώτα Led εμπρός-πίσω
  • Ένδειξη βάρους κατά την φόρτωση
  • Ένδειξη κλίσης του μηχανήματος εμπρός-πίσω και δεξιά αριστερά
  • Γενικός διακόπτης παροχής ρεύματος
  • OPSS για την αυτόματη διακοπή λειτουργιών αν ο χειριστής δεν βρίσκεται στο κάθισμα του
  • Εμβαπτιζόμενα δισκόφρενα για απρόσκοπτη λειτουργία χωρίς συντήρηση


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Genie | Z-62/40 Articulated Boom Lift

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Genie Z-62/40 z 6240 rom en 2018


Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications, the Genie® Z®-62/40 articulating boom lift with rough terrain capabilities provides lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities with outreach that’s second to none.


Genie | TZ-34/20 trailer-mounted boom

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IMG 3898 IMG 3905

We received a new Genie TZ-34/20 for a client's order, and we had the opportunity for inspection and performance testing.

With easy-to-travel mobility, Genie® TZ™ trailer-mounted boom lifts feature an outstanding operating envelope to reach jobs high and low. Offering the best of both worlds, Genie trailer-mounted booms boast the operating envelope of a Genie Z® boom — reaching up, over and out, as well as can be easily towed behind a pickup or SUV.

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