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Hyundai | New 9 series counterbalance forklifts

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Hyundai Heavy Unveils 9-Series Forklift

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world’s biggest shipbuilder and a leading construction equipment manufacturer, today announced that it unveiled twelve small -and medium models of 9-series diesel forklift ranging from 2.2 tons to 5.0 tons.


PN245064 LR


The forklift enables operators to safely load and unload goods with a monitor that displays the weight of goods, the slope of all directions, and the angle between the ground surface and the mast in real time. Other features in the new models include high visibility LED lamps and rear cameras which are installed to prevent rear-end collisions, OPSS (Operator Presence Sensing System) to prevent unforeseen accidents by automatically activating brakes when operators leave the operating cabin, and Diagnostic System that helps operators monitor conditions and the replacement period of expendables of the forklift.

Fillislift | Our new visual identity on moving forklifts track

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In order to comply our visuals with the new company identity of Hyundai and strengthen our presence among our competitors, we invest in new trucks and machinery and also in our visual identity by covering our trucks and communicating our values to our clients, for continuous delivery of exceptional services in the fields of rental, selling and servicing counterbalance forklifts and every other material handling truck and machinery.

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Fillislift | New Service Truck

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Our company, as part of continuous renewal and development of the Service, received the new mobile emergency workshop "Service Truck". The new Service Truck comes to assist the customers need for providing specialized services to remote areas for all kinds of lifting equipment (forklift, scissor lifts, aerial platforms, cranes, etc.).

Omg | New Power pallet truck with ride-on operator 320P5ac - 325P5ac

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Power pallet truck with ride-on operator designed and projected with the new ac technology which allows to optimize the energy saving, the performances
and the efficiency thanks to compact dimensions which improve the manoeuvrability and the working operations in narrow spaces. Not only high
level of performances but also a good care to the operator: minimum level of tiredness thanks to easy operating on the controls and the maximum
safety thanks to the automatic return of the tiller arm in rest position when released.

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