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Hyundai | 160D-9L FORKLIFT

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The new 160D-9L has a lift capacity of 16000 kg’s (16 tonnes) and a load center of 1200 mm. The 160D-9L is driven by a high-powered Cummins QSB6.7 Engine 122kW / 2.300 rpm engine, which offers optimized fuel consumption. The machine is designed for heavy-duty applications to move large, heavy material such as timber, lumber, containers, concrete products, and steel products.

Ergonomic and productivity

The newly designed cabin provides excellent all-round visibility and plenty of space ensuring the operator is comfortable in his/her working environment. The position of the pedals has been revised and the steering column can also be adjusted to offer the operator a smoother drive and ultimate comfort whilst working.

Advanced Safety

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Depending on the application the operator can select engine mode with a quick adjustment to the side panel switch. STD Mode offers fuel reduction when the machine is on light-duty maneuvers and POWER Mode for heavy duty work or when operating on a slope.

For triplex masts, the optimized lift cylinder arrangement provides the operator with wider visibility and the panoramic mirror improves the operators view when reversing. A rear-view camera, with up to for cameras either side, is available as an option.

To prevent the machine being operated by non-qualified personnel and to protect the truck from theft there is an engine start limit feature where personal activation with an entrance code is needed. Other theft prevention measures include a fuel lock hatch, to prevent fuel theft and an option fuel cap.

Fast & Easy maintenance

The 160D-9L benefits from an elector-hydraulic tilting cabin system which allows trouble-free access to all main components and makes servicing of all power train components quick and easy. A large engine hood makes the engine compartment very accessible and assures fast and efficient daily maintenance.

Load capacity
16000 kg

Engine power
122 kW

Lifting speed unloaded
450 mm/s

Travel speed unloaded
35.2 km/h


Load capacity 16000 kg
Engine model Cummins QSB6.7
Engine power 122 kW
Battery voltage -
Lifting speed loaded 330 mm/s
Lifting speed unloaded 450 mm/s
Travel speed loaded -
Travel speed unloaded 35.2 km/h
Turning radius 5220 mm

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